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Somatic Therapy - Hakomi

Explore, change, and grow with Hakomi Somatic Therapy

Hakomi is an experiential body-centered therapy approach that uses mindfulness and the innate wisdom of a person’s body to safely recall and reexamine past experiences, uncover hidden core beliefs that shape life, and open new possibilities and choices.

Explore, change, and grow with Hakomi Somatic Therapy

Unite Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Hakomi is based in the belief that mind, body, and spirit operate together, not as disconnected parts.

Somatic therapy goes beyond traditional psychotherapy because it calls the whole person into the therapy. By exploring more than thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, with Hakomi my clients are able to access more information inside themselves, unlocking deeper understanding and using that new awareness to grow. Schedule a Hakomi introductory call today to learn more.

How Hakomi Can Help

Hakomi is a wonderful therapy if you are interested in exploring yourself at a deeper level.

Hakomi uses mindfulness and present moment awareness to help you recognize, explore, and shift habitual ways of acting and responding and connect more with your aliveness. It uses multiple dimensions — body, thoughts, emotions, posture, beliefs to seek, change, and grow.

The Hakomi Principles

The Hakomi Method is based on seven principles that underlie all aspects of the work. These guideposts help me approach both the client and the process with a sense of wholeness, respect, and humility:

  1. Unity: an inclusive awareness of the interrelatedness of things
  2. Organicity: the recognition and honoring or each person’s individuality
  3. Mind/Body/Spirit Holism: the assumption that all elements of experience are essential
  4. Mindfulness: the value of being genuinely aware of exactly what is happening
  5. Nonviolence: a commitment to respect and loving regard
  6. Truth: the pursuit of the actual nature of things
  7. Change: the trust that things can and will move and evolve

Hakomi psychotherapy uses firsthand, felt experience to enable the process of self-discovery and change.

Because it deals with more than thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, somatic therapy often opens clients up to information that can be overlooked in more traditional analytic psychotherapy.

In Hakomi, the added awareness of sensations and felt experiences within the body are used to deepen the work. This can provide a channel of cooperation between the unconscious and conscious, and help facilitate communication among parts of a client’s self that may be lost, hidden, or isolated.

Hakomi sessions typically follow this sequence: contact, accessing, processing, and integration. Beginning with the initial stage of therapy, I seek to develop a safe and accepting environment in which my client feels comfortable undertaking the process of self-exploration.

Hakomi Somatic Therapy at OM Vera

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